State of the art technology for the ultimate in quality

We can develop and manufacture even the most complicated parts for you. Set us a challenge!

Over and above our qualified employees, our modern equipped production plant is a guarantee for the high quality of your products. Our manufacturing techniques include stamping, bending, grinding, shaping, welding and assembling small and ultra-small metal parts.

Tool Making

We construct and manufacture precise tools for the best results!
In this flexibility and speed have always been essential at Reinhold Bürkle Technische Federn GmbH. Our in-house tool making plant enables us to meet the individual demands of our customers in a very short time.

Prototype Manufacture

From the prototype to the production component - Everything under one roof! 

With the fast and precise manufacture of sample parts, we are able to support our customers in the development phase with the production of the appropriate - technical springs and the top-quality stamped and bent parts.  

Development and Engineering

Exact construction, precise production!
Four construction workstations are available in-house for the development of customers' tools. They are available for joint developments with our customers and for flexible adaptation of parts. Using our CAM software, CNC programs are programmed for modern CNC-controlled eroding and milling machines.

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